Friday, December 28, 2007

start of something new

2007 is almost over! Whether you are happy about it or sad: (

Just be GLAD you can start NEW again!

Here are some acne solutions I summarized after my years of experiences, I don't guarantee results for everyone has different kinds of skin, but they will certainly help (Not in any order) :

1. Nature's Cure- CHEAP-take the hormone pills and use the lotion it comes with. Do not forget twice a day! (sold in all drugstores, the cheapest ones are from Wal-mart)

2. ACNEZINE- these things are expensive, so I only tried it once. But it did work wonders for me : )

(sold in their online store or other online site ebay etc etc.)

3. La mer- under Estée Lauder; their stuff is also expensive but also works. More of a moisturizer than anything! (gotta get your $'s worth :]) I got a lot samples from my friend whose mom buy their stuff  and got samples. If you want results TRY the most famous moisturizing cream (see →) !

4. Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Treatment Cream- I saw an ad or a description in Seventeen one day and I decided to try. Mmm I gotta say either it was my imagination or after a few days I did see less acnes, specially blackheads EWW!

(Seventeen said sold in drugstores but they lied, I had to get mine online

Those above are the ones I USED. I have limited $ so I have only tried these few(and they already caused a lot...)

*Getting rid of acne is an impatient experience … and it will be good to go out and try new things, after learning about the type of skin you have. ALWAYS test the solution on your hand first! You don’t want weird things growing out your face after spending tons of $$$$.

Here are some that didnt work on me(to see good enough results) again that doesnt mean they wont work on you...

1. Proactiv®- yes…you hear them everywhere but do they work?? Not on me and my friends. (Maybe a little…tiny bit…but no was no significant difference) Blackheads were still there, redness in face etc.

2. Over the counter meds- example: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control other than that it smelled good, nothing improved on my face.

That completes the list (for now), I will update later…when I find new cures : )

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