Monday, July 1, 2013

30 day product review!

This is going to be the first of my "30 day product review" series!

and the product is............

JULEP DD Creme series

Me, being a subscription addict. I am subscribed to Julep, Myglam (ipsy) and Birchbox...oh and justfab (about to cancel).

This came in from my Julep June box. 

With Julep, you can actually go in every month and choose exactly what you want in your box. If you don't like one set of nail colors, you can choose another. Every month they roll out with a beauty product like the DD Creme to go with your box. There is always one box that contains beauty products ONLY. That's the box I chose for this month. Julep is 19.99 per month.

Let's start with the review.

DD Creme

First of all, the shade I got is medium. Since it is summertime, I thought medium would be suitable. This medium is DARK. (See below-top of hand, bottom of hand-DD Conrrecteur)

Secondly, This is the driest foundation I own. It doesn't blend well. AT ALL. 

Thirdly, This foundation lasts one hour MAX. Then it cakes on your skin. (My skin type is combo/oily)

Also to make matters worse, this has little coverage. You need to use a lot in order for it to cover. It is hard to blend so you will be pretty much scrubbing your skin. YUCK.

To finish off, both DD creme and DD correcteur came in plastic tubes that are ALMOST empty. (If you check reviews online, you can see this is what everyone's complaining about)
 My goodness, Julep, I am very disappointed.

DD Correcteur

This is a lot better than the DD Creme. 

It is creamy and blends in well. Actually hides dark circles rather well.

But again, my tube was basically empty when I got it.

Description on back of DD Creme 

Description on back of DD Correcteur

Crown Points:  

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