Saturday, August 24, 2013

30 day product review!! Introducing Aveeno Clear Complexison bb cream in fair to light oil free SPF 30

Aveeno Clear Complexison bb cream in fair to light oil free SPF 30 Review

It has been a long time since I found a bb cream/foundation I can fall in love with.

This product came to the rescue just in time.

2 weeks ago, a gigantic pimple started to grow on top of my nose. It was painful. I tried toothpaste + evologie method (will have a future post on this later, it is SO EFFECTIVE) and contained the growth but I still had to cover it up in order to go to work everyday.

I had this bb cream for month, but didn't really use it. At first, I thought it was too drying so I tried to stay away as often as I could. Since I was breaking out, I thought I will give this a go for a week.


1) Very good coverage for a bb cream. It has coverage like a foundation. Covered up all my spots, pores and redness. 
2) Blend-able. I use my hand to apply this because it might be too dry to use a brush.
3) Has SPF 30, clear complexion properties and oil free.


1) fair to light is very light as you can see in the picture. I recommend going a shade up your normal shade.

2) Since it contains high SPF, it will give you that "dewy" glow, this bb cream is not friendly with flash photography. However, you can always wear a light powder over it.

3) Might feel a little greasy at first until it settles into your skin.

overall, new fav foundation. Yay!

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