Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Product RAVE!

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Line

My hair type: Oily at the top and dry from middle down.

I received a sample of this through my JustFab subscription. ($29.99 a month, skip anytime plus choose any style). Lately, JustFab has been giving out free yearly magazine subscriptions with any purchase (Women's health, Cosmo etc.) plus free beauty product samples as well.  Yay!

I have received some travel size SmashBox primer samples in the past and then this Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge sample this week.

The shampoo: It has little beads that bursts with a pleasing fruity scent. The moisturizing part of this shampoo is really okay. It can be a little drying but I just LOVE the smell. It is only $ 2.89 at my local Target and $ 2.96 on Amazon. (Yes, I made a trip to Target the next day to snatch this :)

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The Conditioner: This was the product that WOWed me. I have used a few high end conditioners but none has left my hair feeling so soft, detangled, slippery and shiny after drying. I can't even describe how silky my hair felt when the water was running through it. Haha!

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The mask: I put this on after I was already amazed with the conditioner. This felt a little heavier than the conditioner. It is very thick but that is expected from a mask. I put this mainly on my ends so it will not weight my hair down. Like the conditioner, This left my ends very soft. This was about $ 4.89 at my local Target. (and I got the last tube ;)

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P.S.: I know I promised drug store BB cream comparisons...but this sample was unexpected and I also fell in love with it unexpectedly. ;) The comparison war of drug store BB creams is coming soon though!

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