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30 day product review -- Holika Holika Petit BB SPF 30 PA ++ in Clearing

Holika Holika Clearning Petit BB SPF 30 PA ++
30 ml

Key Facts:
  • Part of the Petit BB Cream line which consist of "Essential", "Shimmering", "watery", and "Clearing". Each has a special purpose. Essential contains caviar and collagen. Shimmering contains pearl powder crystals. Watery contains green tea and Clearing contains tea tree oil and oil absorbent powder.
  • Clearing - Fresh Texture without oil Tea Tree Oil Extract helps to clean skin by alleviating skin troubles and red spots, make a refreshing baby face with Sebum Control Powder.
  • Terpine-4 of Tea Tree Oil alleviates inflammations that happen by bacteria and mold funguses.
  • Sebum control powder helps to maintain fresh and soft skin condition by reducing shine with excellent sebum capturing effect.

  • Small tube does not contain much products but having said that little bit of this product goes a long way.
  • Smells amazing! Kinda remind me of the Pantene Shampoo? It is a pleasant smell upon application but it does not linger.
  • Blends easily. Full coverage BB cream. Feels moisturizing but not heavy. Good balance in consistency.
  • After using this product for some time, I have noticed that it does clear up my breakouts. It also keeps my skin radiant looking all day.
  • Like any other asian BB creams, this will leave a white cast on face after application. The white cast will disappear when product is absorbed into face.
  • Long lasting and keeps face shine free all day. I find this better at oil control than the Garnier all day shine free bb cream mentioned in my earlier blog posts. Visit that blog post here:
  • So far, I have not experienced any irritation with this BB cream.
  • I got mine from Amazon. Get yours here: Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream with Tea Tree Oil and Sebum Control Powder 30ML  

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