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What are your favorite hair products really doing to your hair?

Have you been using a product for awhile but your hair is getting drier and drier? 

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But seriously look in the back under ingredients…

Does it contain any of the below?

Common Silicones in Hair Products:
PEG-modified dimethicone
Various copolymers, or usually ends in "cone", "col" etc.

Dimethicone/Cyclomethicone is the chemical forms of silicone. Silicone in hair products add thickness to the hair, makes hair smooth,silky and free of frizziness. Many curly hair gals use products that contain a form of silicone because it helps to smooth their hair out.

While it temporarily gives your hair that shine and silky touch, using these in the long run can be damaging to your hair. Silicone builds up on hair since it is not water-soluable. Over-time it will dry your hair out. You will also need  good quality clarifying shampoo to wash these build-up off.

The solutions:

1)   Water Soluble Silicones

Stearoxy Dimethicone 
Behenoxy Dimethicone    
Example product: Paul Mitchell The detangled

Use products with the above that contains water-soluble silicones, these will be much easier on your hair. It has been argued that these are not as affective as the other silicone ingredients. It depends on the person. Give them a try! 

2)   Clarifying shampoos

If you must use your favorite products (It has been hard for me to part with Biosilk since it contains silicone), then use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to wash off product build-up. Then follow-up with a moisturizing oil (scull down to see what my favorites are).

Neutrogena Shampoo, Anti-Residue Formula, 6 Ounce

3)   Home-made remedies

Apple cider vinegar with water (1 tsp with 1 cup of water)
Baking soda (1 tsp with 1 cup of water)

Follow-up with my favorite natural oils:

Josie Maran Argan Oil 0.5 oz - A little drop of this does wonders. Apply to ends only.
Argan Oil 100% Certified Organic Moroccan
 For example: Mogador Certified Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil 2 fl. oz (60 mL)  

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*All opinions are through research and experience. Results varies on person

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