Monday, August 18, 2014

IPSY unwrap August 2014!

The August IPSY bag is here!!!! YAY!!!

I love this orange polka dot print makeup bag! I may or may not have already switched out my last month to use this one! :)

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo - I actually tried this a long time back when the dry shampoo trend was first rolled out! This was my first and I missed it so much (bought from Sephora). I love this one because it's not powdery white. The trick is to use this one overnight so you wakeup with less oil in the hair! I usually spray into the roots at the top of my head. Then, I spray all overt my hair, rub it all in and sleep on it!

2.  Jcat Flying Solo eye shadow in half naked - This is a beautiful color for the inner corners as well as a highlighter on the upper cheeks. I haven't been really into the other Jcat products in these bags but this one hit the spot! This is a light rosy pink (very little hint of pink) with a shimmer that is pigmented. 

3. Jersey Shore Sun Mangongo Lip Balm  - I put this one on right after opening the bag. I still felt this on my lips in the morning! The only other lip product that does this is the Dior Cream de Rose lip balm which is pretty pricey. This is so moisturizing and smells like fruits! It's also organic!! I like this the most out of all lip balms I have tried which is possibility over 100+!! :)

4. DR. BRANDT no more pores primer - IPSY read my mind! I have troubled pores on my nose and they really draw attention. This primer has a skin color and it feels so soft. It reminds me of the benefit professional primer! I will re-review on lasting power in the future.

5. Urban Decay Perversion mascara - Amazing brush! This is a brush with a tons of bristles to get all that product on the eye lashes. I am not sure if this will hold up curls for my asian lashes. I will re-review for sure!

For full list of samples in different IPSY bags visit: 

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Unknown said...

This month's ipsy looks great! Makes up for the past couple of months I find! Btw, do you have a review of Vain Pursuits? I'd love to hear what you think!