Thursday, December 25, 2014

Winter skin saver - Kiehl's The Midnight Recovery Concentrate

If I had one skincare product to use forever, this would be it.

At first, I was very hesitant to use this since it is made with pure oils. I didn't think my sensitive skin would react well to this. After feeling my skin getting increasingly dry day after day this month, I decide to give this a go. After reading some reviews online, I realized many people with oily to sensitive skin use this too which confirmed my right to splurge. :)

At first, I got a small sample tube from Kiehl's (You can go up to the counter/stores and tell them you are interested but have sensitive skin that may not react well). They may say you can try a regular bottle and return it if you don't like it but insist on the sample ;).

After day or should I say night one, I woke up with smooth skin that is not tight but feels like it's about to crack any moment. It didn't break out on my cheeks at all! The second night I got brave, I put the serum around my nose and forehead. The next day I did not break out again! After a week of using this product, I felt my skin going back to being baby soft (or close to it). I love the feel of my skin in the morning. It's smooth and feels like it's full of moisture. I had happy skin again! This product is staying on my shelf. 

On the topic of moisturizing that dry but sensitive (and oily in the summer) weird skin type,  let me touch on another product I used before I discovered my winter skin saver. The Kiehls Ultra facial Oil-Free gel cream. 

At first glance you would think this could be the best thing for oily skin that needs moisture, but I was highly disappointed with this product. I got the full size since the reviews for this is amazing which just shows how everyone's skin is different even if we have the same skin types. The main issue I had with this product is that it does not sink into my skin. It "floats" on top. I felt it even in the morning! It does not moisturize my skin well because of this. I am not sure why this product just does not mix in with my skin. I tried to exfoliate before as well but nothing has worked so far. 

This product has a gel consistency and very watery almost. A little of this product will go a long way on your face but since it is a "facial" It's okay to pile it on. I did not have good luck with it but maybe you will!

One more thing- If you have oily skin, your skin will still need moisture! The oil produced on your skin is your skin's natural way of protecting your dry skin. Therefore, the more dry your skin gets the more oil you will produce. We must maintain that good balance (from inside and out) in order to properly care for our skin.

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