Monday, January 19, 2015

A sponge for your face?

     Most of the girls I know have used the Clarisonic brushes, it is quite expensive and not necessarily effective on everyone. It worked for me but I had to deal with months of extreme breakouts first. When I forget to use it for awhile, I wasn't going to pick it back up and deal with the same thing again.

     After some research online, I bumped into this little guy- Dew Puff Konjac Sponge, Original . This is a chemical free all natural product that feels extremely soft and squishy! Sometimes, I just like to squeeze it. Weird. I know. It's made of a planet native to Asia, the konjac. The planet has the natural ability to improve circulation, detoxify and exfoliate. All of these AND gentle enough for everyday use. It sounds too good to be true! I purchased this on Amazon about a months ago and I have been loving it! I am not sure about improved circulation but my skin feels baby soft. Also, major bonus point- I have stopped breaking out after using this to wash my face! It was about $ 7.00 when I purchased but now it's about $ 10.00. (Boo!)  Still, it's a reasonable price for something you only have to switch out every 3 months.

     My recent routine:

     1) Remove makeup. I use the Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil for Kids, Aloe Vera, 16.9 Ounce / 500 ML (Pack of 2) to remove eye makeup (cheap, gentle, effective). I use the Simple Facial Wipes, Cleansing 25 ct, Twin Pack for the face.
     2) Then I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, 16 Ounces to realllyyyyy remove the makeup (Apply with hands). Rinse face.
     3) It depends on the day but for days when I know I need extra clean, I use a half a penny size drop of the Beauty Without Cruelty A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser, 8.5 ozs. (December 2014 IPSY product!) on the dew puff with circular motion and gently apply on face. If I do not need extra clean, I would just use a dime size of the Philosophy One-Step Cleanser (Also been my favorite for years!) on the puff and clean away.
    4) Every weekend, I use the dew puff with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Foaming Scrub, Pink Grapefruit, 4.2 Ounce. I love this scrub, it smells so amazing and it really refreshes my skin at the end of the week.
   5) Apply facial serum, lotion or whatever regime you prefer! (I will talk about my routine in a later post)

   Since this little puff is so popular now, they have came out with the bamboo charcoal, asian clay, french pink clay...and varies other versions. I will definitely give them a try and let you guys know!

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The Beauty Miner

Saturday, January 3, 2015

NOT a New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions because if you want to make a difference in your life, you can start anytime and at any moment. You do not need a "New Year" to start new. 

95 Weeks ago (according to Instagram) versus 2 weeks ago -

Take pictures before you start your journey to be a better self, and you will love how encouraging it is!


The Beauty Miner

Travel eye shadow must have!

After a few months of dealing with moving and the new job chaos, I have finally established a fixed routine again. To some people it may be boring to do the same thing everyday but to me, having a steady routine brings me a peace of mind in the midst of my busy schedule. It is a stress relive knowing you can do everything you need to, everyday.

My routine starts at 5 am every morning and heading off to the gym. In order to do this, I have to pack all of my essentials in one small gym bag. Packing light isn't really my thing. I like to always have what I need for every case of emergency. In order to put my OCD aside, I have to bring the best and the smallest items with me to the gym.

A really long introduction to why I love the below product, but this is what every item in my gym bag has to be...small and necessary.

The Lorac "Pocket Pro"
I own the Naked Palettes and before discovering this beauty, I brought the Naked 1 palette in my gym bag. It takes up one entire pocket and I only use three eye shadows in it.

I saw this at Khol's during Christmas shopping and I did not hesitate to grab it. It is only $ 15.00 and consist of the same neutral shades I use in the Naked 1 palette. It felt like fireworks around me when I saw this little thing on the display (and only a true makeup fanatic would feel this way!).

I use the first pink shimmery shade for highlighting. I use it in the inner corners of my eyes, above and below my brow, and the bridge of my nose. These eye shadows are SUPER pigmented which means a little goes a long way (and look how much is in the palette for each shadow). The second eye shadow is a shimmery golden brown-taupe. I use this blend into my creases. The last shadow I use on top of my usual eye liner to make the eye liner stay longer. Sometimes when I have more time, I blend the last shadow into the corner of my crease for a little smokey look. 

Since it is pigmented, you have to dab before applying so it doesn't end up all over your cheek bones. Other than that, I don't have anything bad to say about this shadow. I love it and I wish every makeup company makes a mini size of their regular size products!

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