Saturday, January 3, 2015

Travel eye shadow must have!

After a few months of dealing with moving and the new job chaos, I have finally established a fixed routine again. To some people it may be boring to do the same thing everyday but to me, having a steady routine brings me a peace of mind in the midst of my busy schedule. It is a stress relive knowing you can do everything you need to, everyday.

My routine starts at 5 am every morning and heading off to the gym. In order to do this, I have to pack all of my essentials in one small gym bag. Packing light isn't really my thing. I like to always have what I need for every case of emergency. In order to put my OCD aside, I have to bring the best and the smallest items with me to the gym.

A really long introduction to why I love the below product, but this is what every item in my gym bag has to be...small and necessary.

The Lorac "Pocket Pro"
I own the Naked Palettes and before discovering this beauty, I brought the Naked 1 palette in my gym bag. It takes up one entire pocket and I only use three eye shadows in it.

I saw this at Khol's during Christmas shopping and I did not hesitate to grab it. It is only $ 15.00 and consist of the same neutral shades I use in the Naked 1 palette. It felt like fireworks around me when I saw this little thing on the display (and only a true makeup fanatic would feel this way!).

I use the first pink shimmery shade for highlighting. I use it in the inner corners of my eyes, above and below my brow, and the bridge of my nose. These eye shadows are SUPER pigmented which means a little goes a long way (and look how much is in the palette for each shadow). The second eye shadow is a shimmery golden brown-taupe. I use this blend into my creases. The last shadow I use on top of my usual eye liner to make the eye liner stay longer. Sometimes when I have more time, I blend the last shadow into the corner of my crease for a little smokey look. 

Since it is pigmented, you have to dab before applying so it doesn't end up all over your cheek bones. Other than that, I don't have anything bad to say about this shadow. I love it and I wish every makeup company makes a mini size of their regular size products!

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The Beauty Miner

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Holly Fan said...

I have the full size Lorac pro and I love it. Makes me want to get the travel size one now :)