Saturday, June 6, 2015

Favorite summer nail polishes and a miracle base & top coat! #productrave


Hope you guys have been enjoying the lovely sunshine  lately. I want to share a few colors that I wear every summer! Also, I have been experimenting a couple different top, base coats and I have finally found a stable! This new combination can make the polish last 7-10 days. 
I can't wait to share this you. 

 Without further ado, let's see the talk about the color polishes first!

This is a beautiful vibrant HOT pink. I love this color so much! (FYI- pink is one of my favorite colors  ❀ ❀)

Ruby Wing in "mini kitten heels"
This is suppose to be a color changing polish from hot pink to deep red. The color didn't change but I am just as satisfied with it staying hot pink. ;)

Everyone needs a favorite nude color that fits their skin tone! I love this combination because it doesn't look too "boring". 

Zoya Kennedy (Nude light brown) and Jacqueline (Off white)

Another pinkish shade but this time in a shimmery coral. Ahhhhh it's so pretty! I just love all glowy the color looks. Like it name, it makes you feel happy. Perfect for summer! :)

Zoya in "Happi"

Tip- Zoya has a three for $15.00 sale beginning of every year (It is advertised as "three free full size" but shipping is $15). Take advantage of this! This year they even gave me three mini "surprise" shades for free (really for free). I love the colors as well and will share when I put them on. 

Now, let's talk about my new favorite long lasting base and top coat combination!

I LOVE butter London. First of all, I love the name. It sounds so cute. Ha! Maybe I like the word "butter", who knows. 

This is the kit I bought from Sephora. It contains their "Nail Foundation" and "Hardwear" P.D. Quick Topcoat.

The nail foundation is super smooth. If you have yellow staining due to wearing nail polish too often, this will give you a nice base to start with. It will also make the surface of your nail smooth. To add on to all these nice things, it dries in seconds, it's not runny and one coat is more than enough. 

The Top Coat is thicker than the foundation. You only need one coat as well. It dries really fast and the thickness of the polish is what makes your manicure last more than a week.

Tip: It is important to let your actual polish dry completely before applying top coat or else it will cause bubbles under your top coat!  

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