Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School and Homecoming

How exciting it is for another school year! Time to make new friends and absorb more knowledge to get us closer to our dreams. :) Seriously though, when I was in school I was not very excited about the learning part (bad example kids, don't learn from me). The eager to learn mentality did not reach me until I was I college and found my passions (that's for another blog post!)

I was more excited for all the events that comes with the school year. Homecoming is the first major dance and every girl wants to look their best to impress that one special boy!

Landy Bridal recently reached out to me and presented me their selection of cheap prom dresses. I am so impressed with the selection of dresses they carry (and not to mention the cheap prices). I browsed their endless selection of prom dresses and I don't know how to only choose one! For taller girls, I recommend going with a length that is below your knees. For shorter girls, I recommend dresses right at the knee length. If you are worried about any problem areas, go for dresses that are elegant and less structured but still have an uniqueness to it and so it distracts the eye (see the dress here). For girls that are more daring, I love love LOVE the color of this dress, shown here. For shorter length dresses but still look classy, here is a nice dress that is full of lace and elegant.

When you purchase a formal dress, you can use it in multiple ways. Here is a dress that can be saved and used for a special event (such as a wedding, holiday party). The color is eye catching and the cut around the waist is sexy but yet flattering. The added bling just gives the dress a more put together look. Here is a similar version of the dress but in a darker color. 

If you are really looking to wow, take a look at this light blue mermaid dress. I love this dress so much that I wish I have an event to wear this! If you are looking to be more neutral but still remain effortless elegant. Take look at this dress, you will definitely turn some heads.

No matter what makes you feel beautiful, it is important to remember that all you need to be is you because YOU are unique and beautiful in your own way.

*This post is sponsored by Landy Bridal but all opinions are my own.


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