Monday, November 16, 2015

November IPSY unbag! Beauty Blast

Hello, coldness of the winter. You are finally here! After a lovely (and warm) October, we are braced with the cold once again! Since the holidays are almost here, I don't mind at all. I can't wait for all the festivities that are coming soon.

This month's IPSY bag is pretty amazing. It's a bright colorful galaxy print that is so eye catching and unique. I can't wait to switch out my current makeup bag and use this one.


1) Tucker Ashley perfecting moisturizer - This one is suppose to be scentless and gentle for different skin types, as well as act like a protective barrier for your skin...naturally. I would say that it is not as moisturizing as I thought it would be. But it does feel pretty light and refreshing on the skin. Winter winds I am ready!!

2) Dermelect peptide infused nail lacquer - I am excited to rotate into this type of nail polish. The color is pretty unique and I do not currently own. It's a neutral brown-peach tone. This nail polish is suppose to give you long lasting and smooth color. I will let you guys know about this one soon!

3) Smashbox Full Exposure mascara - I was not excited to see this to be honest. I got this in the last package of IPSY right before I cancelled last time...The mascara has a HUGE wand that is not fit for asian eyes are all. It is smudgy and does not add volume or curl. 

4) Navy eye liner - I have no idea how I got this and the product above with my profile selections on IPSY. This is a brave color to use daily. It definitely stands out against brown eyes.

5) treStique nude lip - Another nude lip product!!! Ah, *insert super sad face here*.

Overall, I was happy with the bag more than any products in the bag this month. Maybe better luck next time!


The Beauty Miner

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