Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Best "natural" falsies #LashesForDays

"Eyes are the window to your soul"

If I were to be stranded on an island and can only take 2 make-up items with me, one of these items for sure would be a pair of false eyelashes. The second would be a damn good concealer. (I can't just pick one thing! That question is too hard!) 

I have tried numerous kinds of falsies throughout the years. Some were from the IPSY glam bags, or the birch boxes. It is HARD to find a pair of falsies that's "one size fits all". Every's eye shape and skin type (yes, this matters here) is different.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of the amazing Demi Wispies. I have seen so much of it on Youtube that I feel like it's a household name. But after using this versus other drugstore/Asian Brands/High Street falsies, I have to say this is my go-to hands down! I will write another post about the Koji eye lashes which is another one of my fav. but a little more expensive and hard to get.

- Cheap ( $7.85 on Amazon for a set of 4)
-Natural (Even though it looks kinda intmedating at first, but they go on your real lashes very naturally)
- Creates volume, adds length (What else can you ask for!)
- These stay on oil skin well! They last a whole night for me ( about 8 hours)
- Easy to put on because of the flexible structure
- Comfortable to wear
-Easy to remove

See for yourself :)

Thank you Snap Chat beauty filter for always make me look good! Haha.

Without Snap Chat beauty filter, but with regular Instagram filter. 

No filter but good lighting :)

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Hannah said...

Beautiful, Casual & Girly look :)
Huge hugs & happy start of autumn wishes to you and your family,