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Chocolate Protein "Candy" Bliss Balls & An Easy Weekday Recipe #BMLifestyle



Weekday Healthy Flatbread Recipe (Prep time: <15 minutes)

What you will need:
- Shredded or chopped cooked chicken breast
- Frozen or fresh broccoli 
-  Reduced fat cheddar cheese
- Light tomato sauce
- Whole wheat brick oven crust
-1/2 tsp of Olive oil

Firstly, I purchased all materials except the crust from Wegmans. I got the crust at Aldi. I grilled the chicken in our George Foreman grill with some "Taco Bell" taco seasoning BUT you can use whatever seasoning you like for your chicken! This just happens to be my fiancé's favorite!

Pre-arrangement of flat bread: Set oven at 450 F

1) Lightly brush olive oil on crust.
2) Brush on one thin layer of tomato sauce. You can add more if you want. I wanted to keep this one light and put on more cheddar instead ;).
3) Place broccoli across whole crust evenly.
4) Chop grilled chicken into small pieces and place evenly on crust.
5) POUR THE CHEDDAR CHEESE. Well, if you don't like cheese you can go easy on this one.
6) Lower oven temperature to 425 F and place flat bread directly on rack for 7-10 minutes.
7) Let cool before serving.

How EASY was that?  I also made this with BBQ sauce, grilled chicken and sausage (sprinkle breakfast sausage).
The other version I have tried was pineapple, ham, with mozzarella. The combination is endless!

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Healthy sweet tooth craving snack - Bliss Balls!

When I first saw these on Instagram, I thought that nothing can replace my sweet tooth for chocolate. This is up until I made these guys today. If you like sweet things, this is an amazing alternative. I am still trying to make mine prettier. I promise though it tastes good!

You will need:
1) 10-12 pitted dates (Wegmans has them in or near the organic isle)
2) 2 serving of Protein powder ( I used chocolate but vanilla works)
3) a tsp of honey
4) a handful of shredded coconut ( I love coconut so use less if you don't)
5) a tsp or 2 or chia seeds (adds the crunch)
6) 3-4 tsp of water
7) 1/4 cups of cashews or almonds (Not roasted or salted)


1) In food processor, pour all amends and process until its in fine crumbs. 
2) Add protein power, chia seeds and shredded coconut and mix well together.
3) Add dates and honey and blend again. This step takes a while because of the dates. 
4) Add water.
5) Take out mixed product and put on plate.
6) Use either a ice cream scoop or your hand and mold it into little balls.
7) Put in fridge for 2-3 hours. Or freeze them for future enjoyment. 

Bon Appetite 


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